Ruqya Websites

Ruqya Support has a list of authentic Ruyqa Websites and Ruqya Practioners/Therapists in the UK for those who can and want to seek expert diagnosis and treatment.


Ruqya Support


Muhammad Ghouri (West London)


Sheikh Muhammad Tim Humble


Al Roqya/Ruqya In London


Diaries Of An Exorcist


RuqyaHealing Therapy (Birmingham)


Abu Amarah (High Wycombe)


The Ruqya Services (Derby)


Al Ruqya Wa Shifaa (ruqya via skype)


PISANG [Professional Islamic Support And Nurture Group] (Oxford)


Practical Self Ruqya (Saeed Abdullah)


Ruqyah Therapy


Healing Of The Soul (Leicester)


Ruqya Questions and Answers




Ruqya Support is NOT affiliated with any group or Individual / Raaqi.

Ruqya Support is NOT affiliated with any facebook page or website or clinic with a similar name.

Ruqya Support is run entirely by brother Abu Haroon and Sister Umm Yaseen.



Ruqya Support tries to reach out to everyone across the Globe, not only those who can easily find and afford a Raaqi/Therapist.

Ruqya Support understands every case is going to be different and all the authentic information needs to be out there for everyone across the Globe.

Alhamdulillah Allah has provided us with authentic and competent Raaqis/Therapists. Also provided knowledge for those who choose to do self ruqya and for those who have no other option but to treat themselves.


We are not followers of any specific Ruqya Practitioner (Raaqi) or Therapist.

We share information and advice from various Raaqis and authentic sources. However, we do not agree with absolutely everything Raaqis say and do. We are not always going to agree with each other and that’s okay as long as we are sharing and implementing within the boundaries set by Allah.

When you side with one particular individual or service and disregard or dismiss others for the sole reason being, that individual helped you and the others didn’t, shows a lack of understanding of the Qadr of Allah (predestination).

Remember, no one can help another unless Allah wills/ordains it.

The time and the source of cure is from Allah, which means Allah chooses and ordains who (including you i.e self ruqya) and the source it will come from. So no credit or praise goes to a Raaqi or website, but praise is only to Allah subhanahu wa ta ala.

Alhamdulillah people are benefiting and recovering from the help of all the authentic Raaqis listed here and benefiting from the self-help online resources available on our sites.

May Allah reward all brothers and sisters, known and unknown for helping and supporting those in need, ameen.

Remember the ultimate reason for doing ruqya and for seeking ruqya and knowledge is for you to be a better slave of Allah. Primarily, you want to regain your physical and mental health so that you can return to worshipping Allah properly again.


Purity belongs to You.

O Allah, with Your praises, I bear witness that there is non worthy of worship except You.

I seek forgiveness from You and I repent to You.