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 Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

[May Allah's peace, blessings and mercy be upon you]


There is a dire need for awareness on the issue of black magic, evil eye and jinn possession. Often, out of desperation our bothers and sisters end up seeking help from destructive forces which hurt them in the long term and also ruin their hereafter. Patients who have been diagnosed by a trustworthy expert (a Raaqi/Sheikh who strictly adheres to Qur’an and Sunnah), need daily self ruqya (Qur’anic Healing & Prophetic remedies)) and ruqya treatments by a Raaqi. This can be very difficult physically and mentally and most often the victim’s emotional side is neglected, hence leaving them psychologically distressed, broken, alone and misunderstood. The physical and mental illness caused by Sihr is complex; not only does the patient suffer within themselves, additionally they can face difficulties such as stigma, exclusion and isolation, as well as trying to cope with very debilitating experiences. Recovery or managing this affliction is not always a straightforward process.

Our aim is to provide our brothers and sisters information so they can start their path to the quickest recovery possible and maintain a positive mindset while earning Allah’s (subhanahu wa tal ala) pleasure.  Our aim is to educate, guide and direct you on the matter of treating sihr/magic, ayn/evil eye and mass/Jinn possession so that you may turn this affliction into something that will be a huge benefit for you in this life and the next in’sha’Allah.  A lot of effort has been put into the content of our websites to specifically answer your questions. Our Sites cover most of the help and advise you need in’sha’Allah. Please read all the articles and information on all our sites, watch the videos on our youtube channel and listen to the replay of our online conferences. All the information/advise provided is as if we are directly speaking to you, as this is the same advice we would give you if we were speaking with you in person.  For maximum improvement:  Belief and Correct knowledge undoubtly must be followed by the correct action.