Mental Blocks & Disorientation

Posted by on 21 Apr, 2016

Mental blocks and disorientation are some of the immobilizing effects of sihr and Jinn possession.

Some afflicted brothers and sisters suffer from momentary mental blocks, brain fog or disorientation. They become airheaded, lose touch with reality and confused. You may not be aware of it, it could happen while you are conversing with them. 
When it happens they most probably won’t be able to grasp or carry out any instructions or tasks given.
When it happens it is foolish to overload the person with information and instructions.
They are not going to be able to absorb much of what you are saying.
Please bear this in mind and be patient with them until it passes.
Do not look down on them and think they are stupid/dopey, slow, unintelligent, or tell people they have a chameleon like character.
Furthermore, you don’t know what mental and physical terror/torture the Jinn afflicts on them.
Displaying a chameleon like character, or having a random and temporary speech and writing constraint could be the after-effect of an attack.
So be kind, be wise and don’t make wrong assumptions.