How to support someone who is afflicted by Sihr

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, [In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful].

All praise is due to Allah alone and may peace and blessings be upon our beloved Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم and his family and companions.


Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am writing this article for you in the hopes that insha’Allah you will gain a better insight into how to support somebody who you suspect or know is afflicted by the evil of sihr. There is a substantial amount of information about Sihr and solutions for a person going through this trial (although in my humble opinion still not enough awareness) but as soon as I and my loved ones were afflicted by Sihr I quickly realised there is not much (if at all) to support people around the afflicted, especially spouses/family members.

It is from this experience that I wanted to bring something forward for all those who are going through the same feelings of concern and at times confusion as to the best way forward for your loved one who may be going through this difficult time. Insha’Allah I am keeping you all in my duas and I hope that this article benefits you.


Identifying the Issue:

The best thing to do first insha’Allah is to identify whether the person is really suffering from Sihr.

I will outline a method I feel is the most beneficial:-

1) SYMPTOMS:-  Make a note of all the symptoms you see the patient exhibiting. Handwritten would be best as you can always refer to these later and may well prove useful to any experts in this field that you may see later. It will also rule out you forgetting any important events.

A detailed list of symptoms that somebody who is afflicted by Sihr/jinn possession may show can be found on the following link:-

NOTE: If the patient is behaving in an extremely bizarre way or in a way that you find ‘unsafe’ please stay with them as much as possible or ensure they are not left unattended to. They may be affected to a greater degree if they are left idle and if they are left without any attention. (This does not mean they cannot be left alone at all, making a reasonable judgement based on the severity of their behaviour should be fine).

2) RULING OUT A MEDICAL CAUSE:- Bearing in mind the symptoms the person is experiencing, it is important to find out whether there may be an underlying medical issue. Jumping to the conclusion that a person is suffering from Sihr when they are not will cause more trouble than good and waste the patients time in seeking the right treatment that will actually help and any experts you may contact also. This is especially concerning symptoms which can be attributed to other illnesses aswell, for example, sleeplessness, fatigue and depression/anxiety can be caused by many other things so if these are your main concern you have to make sure other possibilities are ruled out before worrying about Sihr.

- Book an appointment with the GP – get the person seen by a medical professional explaining the symptoms, and if possible arrange for any necessary blood tests and wait for the feedback.

In the case that there is a medical problem, following the doctors advice and seeking the sunnah remedies will help, insha’Allah.

If it has not helped, then you may have a genuine case of Sihr here. (It may be a bit of both also but you will know if the doctors explanation did not 100% satisfy why the patient is experiencing what they are experiencing then it is worth a further check). Subhan’Allah one of the symptoms that it is sihr will be when medications seem to have no effect, i.e. the person may suffer from a migraine but painkillers do not help with the pain.

In either case, the best way to determine the presence of jinn and sihr is to get the patient to listen to the Quran with headphones on a loud volume. A very helpful recitation can be found on this site under the ‘Ruqya audio’ section. There is information there as to what to look out for when they are listening to the recitation. If for whatever reason you cannot get to this file, a recitation of Surah Baqarah will suffice, insha’Allah.


3) CHECKING YOURSELF:- While you may be concerned about someone else, do listen to the ruqya audio yourself and make note of any symptoms you experience. I say this because in some cases the person (especially spouses/family members) who is worried about another can also turn out to be afflicted! (Again, do not listen to the audio on your own but with somebody present).

Once you have determined that the person is afflicted with Jinn/sihr there are many ways to support them. I feel I am just touching the tip of an iceberg with this information and you may have your own proven methods too.


Get seen by a Raqi:

Take the person to see a Raqi. Do accompany them if possible. A woman must be accompanied by a mahram. Please ensure you see a ‘legitimate’ raqi, which will be somebody who only follows the Qur’an and sunnah as that is all that you need. There are many fakers and so called ‘raqi’s who are actually magicians themselves beware! You will find accurate and helpful information on who not to go to on this website under the page ‘Beat black magic’ there is a video called ‘How to recognise a magician’ please do watch this before CONTACTING anybody. There is also a video titled ‘What is sihr’ which provides useful information about Sihr to better increase your understanding of it.

Things to bear in mind:-

  • Many people (and I have witnessed this) go to see an expert with the mentality that they will ”cure” them and that seeing them from time to time will be enough. We have to make sure that we are always firm in our belief that our cure will only be and always is from Allah (SWT) and we are simply ‘acting out’ the means for the cure, the same way we take medicine for an illness and then trust Allah (SWT). ”….And in Allah alone let the believers put their trust..” [3:160] Qur’an. ”Indeed, Allah loves those who rely on Him..” [3:159] Qur’an.
  • Whether it will be through the raqi or at another time is up to Allah (SWT) alone.
  • The Raqi may give you a set of instructions for the afflicted person.  Please follow and abide by them. Only then will you see a difference insha’Allah. If you do not follow their advice you are only allowing your enemies time for the situation to worsen again. You have to stick to the plan of action and the best ruqya is the one where the afflicted person takes action to help themselves, so encourage them to do as much of it themselves as possible.


Understanding their situation:-

This one can be tough, as it is difficult to understand something you may have never come across. The key for me, lied in two things; the level of severity and communication, (heaps of it!).

When talking about level of severity I mean that each case is different and it is important to understand that your loved ones experience may not be like someone else’s you have come across. In some cases you will find that the person is in ‘full control’ of their body and behaviour most of time, whereas the extreme degree will include total seizures which control the whole body and/or a complete lack of knowledge of their condition. The person may also not be ‘themselves’ and therefore not understand what is going on at all or completely forget things that they have said/done.

With this in mind, you might find that the person is behaving quite normally but when it is time to listen to the Qur’an or do some form of ibadah, they may not want do to it. This is because the jinn(s) will try anyway possible to stop the person from helping themselves, psychological (confusing their minds, telling them they do not feel like doing it when really the person never had a problem with doing such ibadah before) and physical (headaches/sickness when praying etc.) So do not be surprised if you are met with x1000 excuses why they do not want to do it, including things like ‘I’m fine!’.  Somebody I personally know would physically run away from anyone who would try to get him to listen to the Qur’an but would be completely normal the rest of the day!

The person may be in a worse situation where they are behaving extremely bizarrely (for example, sitting outside alone, sitting in dark places alone etc.) in which case you will have to do more for that person before they can start helping themselves. This will include things like; getting them to listen to Quranic Ruqya audios, performing Ruqya on the patient yourself (especially in times where they may be overly-emotional or difficult to handle) and making them sit and concentrate on reciting/listening to Qur’an. Be fearless and firm in your Iman that Allah (SWT) will help you and be patient with the person and the situation also. It can be tough but that is why we are all here to help each other, insha’Allah.

Once you can gauge how serious the situation is (unfortunately this just comes from the experience as it comes) you can help either by performing the actions yourself or by encouraging them to help themselves. PATIENTLY encourage them to keep at their ibadah and also when they are feeling a bit better, give them space also. In better cases the person is able to control themselves most of the time and will be genuinely struggling to help themselves as much as they can. It is not easy for them so  a little patience and kindness from you will go a long way for them, do not expect an instant recovery and do expect things to be up and down on different days.

You can help by maintaining daily routines for them to follow. This will include whatever instructions you were given by the Raqi and whatever you have found is beneficial. This can also include dietary routines for example, drinking zam-zam/senna, having 7 dates in the morning etc. The more severe the situation is the stricter their routine and the more you would have to do, the better they are you will still have to keep at it but perhaps a little less stringent as they will be helping themselves.

IMPORTANT: Please do not try to force them or be overly-aggressive in your asking the patient to do some form of ibadah. This can only aggravate the situation especially if the jinn entices anger in that particular person. Quietly but firmly ask them to listen to the Qur’an if the situation is bad. At other times gentle reminders will be enough if they are becoming forgetful or slacking.


COMMUNICATION: I was able to help my situation along much easier by constantly communicating with my spouse. I would talk about my feelings, symptoms, what he can/cannot do that helps me and asking many questions. Communicate with the person – but listening and having an open-mind to what they have to say will be really helpful, for example, it is no use asking the afflicted to talk to you and then not believing what they said! You can also ask them what you can do to help them and what does/doesn’t help. Treating the person normally can also work wonders. Just because there is a problem that does not have to mean you completely change your reaction to the person which is only going to make them feel abnormal and depressed. The situation does NOT have to take over your lives, talk to them just as you would before, be positive and when things are looking better take the time out to take their mind off things, they will need it.


MINIMISE STRESS: For those of us who are/have suffered from sihr know well the toll it can take on our daily lives. Some people will have trouble getting or keeping jobs, some will face deep depression/health issues and others may be unable to get marriage proposals. This is a big issue, it is a nasty affliction and one of the main ways you can help is to minimise those little daily stressors that the person may just be unable to cope with right now. Minimise or eliminate things that do not matter at the moment, appreciate that they will not be on ‘top’ everyday and allow them space and time to concentrate on their ibadah and getting better. This again, takes a lot of patience from you as it may mean you/others will have to take on some extra responsibilities or get used to a change in routine but give it time, as they feel better they will be better able to cope with normal events again.


PATIENCE, POSITIVITY and PERSERVERANCE: ‘Oh you who believe seek help through patience and prayer’ [Surah 2:153]

In Islam we are told to remain steadfast no matter what may come our way. Know that this is a trial and test from Allah (swt) and it can only lead to reward if you remain patient and firm in faith. Do not become weak or question why this may be happening to you, but know that Allah swt only afflicts us in order to bring us closer to Him, atone for our sins and raise us in rank inshAllah. Do not question why for we know this life is but a test.. ‘Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘we believe’ and will not be tested?’ [Surah 29,2].  So remember all of the blessings Allah swt has bestowed upon you and remain true. Let the afflicted use this as an opportunity to strengthen their iman, for they can see right before their eyes the miraculous cures of the Quran and sunnah every time we use them to defeat and weaken this enemy. This is something that many disbelievers cannot explain, but Allah swt is showing you directly the power of His word and how weak the shaytaan become before him. Truly it also brings to the forefront of our mind the goodness of Allah swt, existence of shaytaan and how very near evil is and how vigilant we should be in remembering Allah swt, whether we are afflicted or not!



Learn some ways of performing ruqya yourself. These are not difficult and mostly consist of you putting your right hand on the person’s forehead and reciting Qur’an in to their ear. There are many ayats/surahs you can recite please ensure you stick to sunna methods and surah Falaq and an-Nas are the best for this. The most important thing is to have trust and hope in Allah (SWT) and know that Allah (SWT) is with the believers. The best method would be for the afflicted to perform this on themselves.

  • Note: If the person has a strong reaction to the ruqya, do not panic and do not think to stop, reactions are an indication that the treatment is working and it is causing suffering to the jinn within and weakening it.  You have to remember that the person feels very little themselves, they are NOT suffering. You have to stop and ask yourself Why would a believer say the Quran is causing them suffering? because it is simply not the person who is saying/feeling that.


CHANGE THEIR ENVIRONMENT: If the person feels uncomfortable in their room/house, allow them to sleep somewhere else for a while. This is especially important if they are experiencing strange/unpleasant events in that area. If they do not want to be around too many people because they have become introverted allow them space to be alone as long as they are engaged in what will help them and you will see insha’Allah with improvement they will start mixing again themselves. If they agree to staying in the mosque, allow them to engage in dhikr at the mosque. Try to get them to mix with people at times in order to lessen the influence of and not to sleep alone though some afflicted people may say they want to, this can make matters worse as it allows the shaytaan to have greater impact on them and their state of mind


CONGREGATIONAL PRAYERS:  This is a personal suggestion as I have seen strong reactions to the congregational prayer. Try to encourage them to pray in congregation all if not most of the time, especially at maghrib, isha and fajr.


MAGHRIB TIME:  It is absolutely critical that the afflicted tries to read their morning and evening dhikr daily. As maghrib time approaches try to stay with them or keep them in company, as for me my symptoms would worsen with the approach of nightfall and I would need extra support. Increasing in supplications and reading Quran may help at this time if this is the case for them also.  


ISTIGHFAR and STOPPING SINS: At this time of test, ask the patient to engage in regular istighfar (as we all should be anyway) and if you see any sins that they commit especially on a regular basis (e.g. listening to music, bad language etc.) call them on it, so that they can change their behaviour and insha’Allah this will help accelerate their cure.

EATING SUNNAH, EATING HEALTHY:  Sunnah foods are all healthy and contain a cure in them. Dates, senna, black seed and honey are amongst these and eating these will insha’Allah help the afflicted. Also ensure they eat healthy and try to keep them healthy, the effects of sihr on health can be just as drastic and keeping their energy levels up will be crucial in their fighting off their enemy, being sick and coping with Sihr makes it that much harder.

EDUCATE YOURSELF The Prophet pbuh said: ‘The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every muslim’ [Al-Tirmidhi, 74]. This case is no exception, you have to know what you are dealing with and seek remedies. There are two books which I found very informative and helpful which can be read online in full at   1) The Jinn and Human Sickness, remedies in the light of the Quran and Sunnah by Dr. Abu’l Mundhir Khaleel.   2) How to protect yourself from Jinn and Shaytaan, by Waheed Abdussalam Baly.

DUAThe most important thing! Make sincere dua to Allah swt to alleviate their suffering and the patient should make constant dua also. Know that the help of Allah swt will always come to the believers and He hears and sees all of what you are going through. There will be relief in’sha’Allah, it is only a matter of time. (Hint: see the article/audio speech about Dua here)

Please remember me in your duas and I sincerely pray that you all make a swift recovery, Ameen.

Sister Aiysha


This article was written by a kind sister who volunteered to share her advice with Ruqya Support for all to benefit from. 

May Allah grant her good in this dunya and grant her Al Firdous with no accountability, ameen.