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Posted by on 2 Mar, 2013

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There are a number of sources and people from which you can get help if you suspect you have been afflicted by black magic/evil eye/jinn possession or are already aware that you have been afflicted.

Turn to Allah SWT

The first and foremost action we should take before we turn to anyone should be to turn to Allah (SWT) and place your trust in Him. Regardless of if you know what you are suffering from or only suspect something is wrong – make sincere dua to Allah (SWT) and ask for His Help and guidance and He will by His will guide you through this trial.

I would like to mention here that if we want something from Allah SWT but do not fulfil His rights upon us can we expect for His help immediately when experiencing hardship? Even then sometimes out of His mercy Allah SWT provides help if we just ask! Part of turning to Allah SWT includes our sincere efforts in refraining from sinning and turning to His obedience.

Before going any further in this article, it is of utmost importance that this first concept is understood. Do not neglect this advice. Any advice after this is weak if you haven’t already understood the importance of turning to Allah SWT and establishing your connection with him.

Allah SWT tell us:

“If Allah touch thee with affliction none can remove it but He; if He touch thee with happiness He hath power over all things.”

Holy Quran Chapter 6 Surah Anaam verse 17


“And put your trust in Allah Alone; and enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.”

Holy Quran Chapter 33 Surah Ahzaab verse 3

Who Can Help?

The correct etiquette in seeking help is for us to do whatever is in our power to help ourselves and at the same time place our trust in Allah SWT. For example, if we have an illness like a cold we should do whatever we can within our means to remedy the cold. You can consume some Honey, or take some paracetamol if you need to but ultimately we put our trust in Allah SWT that he is providing the cure through this means and we ask that he guides to the best remedy for this problem.

One way to find out if you have been afflicted with sihr/possession/ayn is to get seen by someone experienced and knowledgeable in this subject (also known as a raaqi in modern times). You can book an appointment with a raaqi and inform them of your symptoms. A good raaqi will give some advice concerning your problem and recite Qur’an for the purpose of healing (ruqya). They may ask you to come in for another appointment if need be.
Many scholars also practice ruqya – (particularly in non-western countries) or may do so upon request. Either way, they will also be able to advise you on the matter and how to help yourself using the correct islamic methods. By people of correct knowledge I mean those who advise according to the Qur’an and sunnah and are able to provide you with the proofs for their statements and ideas.
If you like information on ruqyah or want to have ruqyah performed for you or someone you know. Many Masjids offer this service or can put you in contact with somebody who does. Your imam may also be able to perform ruqyah if need be. If you need an area to perform ruqya outside the home you can also ask your local masjid who should be able to accommodate you.
There are many islamic websites and online ruqya support services that can inform you further on the subject of evil eye, black magic, jinn possession. They also advise you on ruqya treament options and self-ruqyah supplications and methods. Many of the sites also offer ruqya appointments by raqis or include a directory by which you can get in contact with a raqi in your area.
Authentic books contain an abundance of information on the topic of jinn/ruqya/black magic etc. including what type of person to see for ruqya and how to avoid making the problem worse.
With increasing awareness there are regular seminars on the topic of jinn possession and black magic which one can attend for information and advice, alternatively, you can listen to these online. Ruqya Support also runs online sessions – see the ‘Events’ menu at the top of the page
Many islamic channels offer a Q&A program in which questions on sihr/black magic are often asked. You may be able to find answers by going to an individual sheik’s website also but MAKE sure the sheikh is someone experienced in the field and uses authentic sources for knowledge – this is VERY important.

*NOTE: Please be careful which web sites you visit and what treatments you follow all authentic sites will include Qur’anic verses/hadiths to support their statements and information they present to you. If they do not you can ask by which they should be able to tell you.



Seeking knowledge, advice and help from:

  1. People that fit the description of a Sahir (magician) – see How to Recognise a Magician (Video)
  2. People that say they use ‘good’ Jinn to destroy bad Jinn (this is haraam and will be discussed in another article inshaAllah)
  3. Taweez! Yes, Taweez!..  and people who give write and give out Taweez. See A Response to those who defend Taweez


About: Raaqis

Choosing a raaqi who is authentic is something many people are confused and worried about. It need not be so, with the correct advice on knowing who to look for and what type of person to avoid, it becomes much easier. Spotting the warning signs of a magician/non authentic raqi early on will save you a lot of trouble (and often, money) later on. Remember you are under no obligation to see anyone, if you suspect anything you can ask for a second opinion from a person of knowledge. See ‘Ruqya Treatment from a Raaqi’

Seek Allah’s guidance and counsel by making lots of dua and praying istikhara.

(Salat-ul Istikhara is a voluntary prayer that is performed before undertaking any major decisions in one’s life or rather whenever one has to make a life decision we can offer this prayer for help in making the right decision. We ask for what is good for us in our religious wellbeing in this life and the next).

 - We should always make istikhara before going to see anyone for ruqya -

You are entitled to expect that the raqi tries to their utmost to help you, is sensitive to your needs, seeks the help of Allah alone in granting you a cure and that he practices according to the Qur’an and sunnah.

Anything other than this the raqi cannot promise you. We have to appreciate that a raqi is a human being just like ourselves and although they are experienced they too are asking for assistance and cure for you from Allah swt. How your ruqya treatment progresses and whether or not you are cured is in the hands of Allah alone. A raqi can not and should not promise to cure you or promise you will be cured within a certain number of days as this is simply not true and can often be an indicator of suspicious methodology being used by the raqi (how can he promise you will be cured in a certain number of days if Allah cures when He wills?, it is only contracts with shayateen and magic that may take affect after a certain number of days).


Remember: They perform the ruqya Allah is the one who cures.


With this in mind, a number of things happen which people sometimes blame for the raqi for.

  • Firstly, if you go to a ruqya session and you experience no reaction. This does not mean that the raqi is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, is it simply what Allah willed to happen at that time, also, many people experience no reaction at all for a number of sessions until eventually they begin to react. The nature of such things involving evil magic and shayateen is that it aims to confuse people and remain hidden. So by not reacting to a ruqya they aim to trick the person into thinking they are not afflicted when in actual fact they are, hoping that they will stop the ruqya treatment because of this. If this has happened to you, continue with ruqya treatment for a minimum of 7 days including listening to ruqya audios at home, if you experience any strange reactions/events outside your ruqya appointment during the day/night this is still a sign you may be afflicted but it simply did not show at the ruqya appointment.
  • You experience only a slight reaction; again, this is not because of the raqi but rather just that indivudual’s reaction to the ruqya. At times it may be slight at others, it can be worse.
  •  You may experience a stronger reaction by one raqi then another. Some of the most experienced raqis in the field often have people who experience a slight reaction when they have it performed by them, but when they go to another equally experienced raqi they have a very strong reaction. Again, this is the Will of Allah, it may also be down to individual ruqya styles which may have stronger effects in one case than another. Even during ruqya we find some jinn detest and cower away from ruqya water whilst in other cases they may be able to withstand it for much longer, and Allah knows best why this happens.
  •  You go to many sessions and are not cured. Allah is the Most Wise and he chooses when one will be cured, not the raqi. Some people are cured on their first session others struggle with sihr for years. The best thing we can do is not look to the raqi but make supplications to Allah swt.

Helping Yourself

A common misconception about ruqya is that only professionals can perform it for people who are suffering. Whilst in severe cases they may be able to battle the shayateen much better than the lay person, in most cases this could not be further from the truth and in actual fact, the best ruqya is the one performed by the afflicted person themselves.


Because you are then directly turning to Allah swt for help. The more you sincerely turn to Him you begin to strengthen your relationship with Him and develop a connection in your heart which will help accelerate your cure, bring peace to your heart and mind in midst of all of your problems and gain protection. It is also a great means of reward as you exercise sabr and supplicate through the trial.

Turning to Allah is a way of purifying your heart and soul in a way that no shayateen can stand, it will save you from being led astray by their devious antics and bring you rewards in the akhira, inshAllah.

It is important to help yourself as raqi’s can only do so much. Part of the whole treatment will include self-treatment instructions which they will also give you when you go to a ruqya appointment. Self-ruqya ensures there are no gaps in your treatment that the jinn/saahir can take advantage of, for if you refrain from self treatment and wait from appointment to appointment you allow them time to retaliate and/or make matters worse. Many raqis are not available from weeks/months on end until you are able to get another appointment, so we have to remain vigilant and continue in our dhikr and connection to see improvement, and if anything else it will make you feel better all around.

For information on self-ruqya and how it’s done, Go to: Practical Self Ruqya


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Comment by Abu Haroon:

“The cure for your issue exists. The question is, what is it? Where is it? Have you reflected on your hardship? Why is it happening? What does your maker want? Allah SWT cures some people after they have done certain acts of worship. Some He cured after they prayed Qiyam ul layl (night prayers) for a certain number of days. Some He cured after one single night prayer. Some are cured after giving charity, some are cured after perssistent dua, some are cured after reading Surah Al Baqarah, some are cured after helping someone else, and some are cured with Ruqya. My point is, don’t obsess over Ruqya. It’s not the only form of help for you. Take this opportunity to get closer to Allah SWT – this is the best investment you can make. Keep making dua and remember that Allah remove your difficulty within a second if He commands it. If you have ruqya treatment, remember that Allah is the one that will cure you, not a person or any object.”