Event 2 – Online – Glasgow followup

BROTHERS & SISTERS. Ruqya Support has decided to hold a follow-up event in order to help the many people that have contacted us following last week’s Seminar (in Glasgow on 27th May 2012). This event will be Online and FREE. You can also participate by telephone. The purpose is to give advice to those that are suffering and those that are waiting for Ruqya treatment as the demand far outweighs the supply. We will inshaAllah spend some time providing advice, followed up by a Q & A session. This will be to compliment what was discussed in the seminar to provide practical advice that will make a big difference to your lives inshaAllah. DATES & TIMES to be confirmed. Watch this space. Subscribe to our mailing list as details will also be sent out via email (subscribe on our web site or facebook page).

Jinns & Black Magic – FOLLOW UP EVENT (online)



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