How to recognise a Magician (Video)

Posted by on 21 Apr, 2012

  Signs of a Magician or ill Practitioner- Beware – these people look like you and I. They can look like pious or righteous people that you would never distinguish as practising this evil. It’s only when we are educated and know the signs of the Sahir (Magician) that we are able to spot them. Going to a Sahir or using their help in this is a form of disbelief so we must beware and be careful not to fall into this error.     Spread awareness about this very important issue. Many people mistakenly seek help from people that make their problems worse! Magicians...

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What Is Sihr? (Video)

Posted by on 13 Apr, 2012

In the following video we discuss the realities of Sihr. How it works, what it involves, commons types, why people do it and the evil of it.      

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Words of Remembrance in the Morning & Evening

Posted by on 30 Mar, 2012

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