"Our aim is to give you the support and advice you need in order to make effective use of Ruqya"

We are a voluntary run organisation that uses the Quran & Sunnah to advice, guide and give you emotional support

Our Aims

♦ Educate people to seek help from correct & beneficial sources

♦ Raise awareness on the issue of Sihr among the ummah and how to protect oneself from this evil

♦ Provide a support environment for people afflicted with Sihr – Emotional support, advice and guidance

♦ Educate Sihr victims so they are able to recover with lasting results by gaining a solid understanding of Tawheed and habits that will protect them from this evil

Check your Symptoms

Assalam alaikum respected Brothers, Sisters and Elders


THIS SERVICE IS NOT IN USE WE DO NOT CHECK YOUR SUBMITTED FORMS. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A REPLY FROM US. You can use the check your symptoms form for your own purposes  to see what different symptoms may apply to you but unfortunately we will not reply to you.


When it comes to the question of one being afflicted with Sihr or Jinn possession, we find that there are two extremes at each end of the scale. On one hand there are many in our Ummah that jump to the conclusion that a problem or difficulty they are experiencing is caused by jinn or black magic/’jadoo’. On the other hand we have many in our Ummah that are genuinely suffering but are completely unaware of the issue of

Ruqya Audio

There is no substitute for being seen by an experienced and credible person who can help diagnose your problem. However, it can be difficult to find people that perform Ruqya in the correct manner and who are knowledgeable in this field.

If you are not able to speak to someone or see someone knowledgeable, use this audio file to help in diagnosing if you are afflicted with magic or jinn possession. The audio file is recitation of Qur’an and is beneficial to listen to whether you are indeed afflicted or not. The Qur’an is a blessing in many form that most of us take for granted. Allah (glory be to Him) mentions in that the Qur’an is a healing in numerous places:

“And We send down of the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy for the believers” [Surah Al Israa : 82]

You can use the following audio file as a